Mercy earns patient safety excellence awards

Mercy Hospital has earned two more Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) Patient Safety Excellence Awards: one for its work in preventing retained objects in the operating room; the other for its work in preventing wrong-site surgeries and other adverse surgical events. Mercy previously earned awards for successfully implementing three other MHA safety initiatives.

Patient safety is a top priority for Mercy and other Minnesota hospitals. That’s why Mercy joined the SAFE ACCOUNT and SAFE SITE initiatives where Minnesota teams are working collectively to implement an extensive list of recommended safety actions. SAFE ACCOUNT concerns both the counting of and accounting for all items used during invasive procedures, especially in the operating room, while SAFE SITE focuses on preventing wrong-site surgeries and other surgical events. The MHA Patient Safety Excellence Award is given to facilities that have achieved more than 90 percent of the recommended actions. Mercy is one of only 21 hospitals statewide to have earned all five MHA Patient Safety Excellence Awards. Mercy’s previous safety awards focused on preventing patient falls, pressure ulcers and retained objects in labor and delivery.

"Hospitals that receive these awards are to be commended — the bar is set very high," said MHA Patient Safety Vice President Tania Daniels. "Hospitals that qualify have achieved measurable and meaningful progress toward implementing best practices to drive down adverse health events."

"The health and safety of our patients is our primary concern," said Jason Douglas, Mercy CEO. "That’s why our staff has worked so hard to implement these important safety initiatives."

For more information about the SAFE ACCOUNT and SAFE SITE campaigns, visit the Minnesota Hospital Association Web site at

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