June 2014
Mercy offers new asthma test

A new asthma test now available at Mercy Hospital gives people with asthma and their healthcare providers a more complete picture of their asthma in order to help keep it under control.


The FeNO test measures the amount of nitric oxide in a person’s breath as he or she exhales. When the airways of a person with asthma are inflamed, the lungs produce higher than normal amounts of nitric oxide. Measuring FeNO is the only convenient way to know the severity of airway inflammation. An important addition to breathing tests, measuring FeNO can help doctors decide which type of medication can help manage a person’s asthma.


“This new test is another tool for patients and doctors to use to help determine the best way to control a person’s asthma,” said Shanna Watrin, RRT, Mercy Respiratory Therapist. “Appropriate medical treatment, along with control of environmental triggers, can help people with asthma live healthy, active lives.”


For more information about the FeNO test, contact Mercy at 218.485.5677.


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