March 2014
Mercy Foundation launches community challenge grant

The Mercy Foundation’s Board of Directors recently announced it is building upon the early success of its Well Within Reach building fund campaign by launching a $50,000 challenge grant in the community.


Named THE WELCOME MAT(CH), the goal of this challenge is not just to raise funds for the building project, but to broaden The Foundation’s base of community support by bringing new donors into its fold. Executive Director Cindy Carlson explained, “We are truly putting out our welcome mat: inviting those who have never supported The Mercy Foundation to do so now, and matching their gifts dollar for dollar, until our $50,000 in funds are happily claimed.


“But it’s also a ‘welcome back’ match,” Carlson continued. “Donors who supported us at one time but from whom we have not heard since October 1, 2011 will also be welcomed back at the same dollar for dollar match.”


The Mercy Foundation WELCOME MAT(CH) continues through April 30, 2014. There are no geographic limits to the challenge match, and it can apply to individuals, donor groups or businesses.   In order to keep the challenge funds available for new community donors, Mercy employees and Gateway Family Health staff are exempt from the match. All gifts are tax deductible.  “And,” Carlson reminds us, “all monies raised from this community STAY in this community, where it can be used for the better health of all.”


The Mercy Foundation encourages you to consider making a gift, earn matching funds and spreading the word to bring new friends to our cause.  Questions may be directed to Carlson at 218-485-4486 or via e-mail:


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