November 2012
Mercy’s new CT scanner offers high image quality at lower dose

A breakthrough in Computed Tomography (CT) is now available at Mercy Hospital, enabling physicians to obtain clearer images of the body and make timelier diagnoses in both acute and emergency care.


Using x-rays and a computer, a CT scan produces detailed pictures of structures inside the body. Offering both faster and clearer images while using a lower radiation dose, Mercy’s new SOMATOM® Definition AS CT Scanner is particularly useful in examining patients with acute chest pain, abdominal pain and suspicion of stroke, according to Linda Staebler, Radiology Technologist. The highest image quality can be obtained even for those patients who are difficult to image due to patient condition.


“The technology available in our new scanner simplifies and automates time-consuming and complex procedures, improving not only workflow, but also results” Staebler said. “This scanner is a wonderful tool for our physicians and enables us to bring advanced CT technology to our patients.”


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