November 2015
Mercy Foundation helps fund life-saving equipment for Mercy Ambulance

Responding to emergencies is what Mercy Ambulance is all about. But in this case, it was The Mercy Foundation that came to the rescue.


Mercy planned to update equipment and purchase a state-of-the-art ZOLL X monitor/defibrillator for the ambulance. With advanced monitoring capabilities, the new equipment is also able to transmit EKGs directly to the Emergency Department, helping staff deliver the best patient care possible in critical, life-saving situations.


The problem? Mercy operates two ambulances.


With a price tag around $30,000 for a single unit, two monitors just weren’t in the budget. That’s when Joe Jamros, Mercy’s ambulance coordinator, approached The Mercy Foundation.


“With partial funding available for a second unit from the hospital, we hoped The Mercy Foundation would see the importance of funding the balance,” Joe explained. “And after reviewing our request for this critical piece of equipment, The Mercy Foundation did just that.”


The Mercy Foundation provided a grant of $17,000 for the equipment.


“Our ambulance staff is very grateful for the Foundation’s support,” Jamros said. And so will the patients and families who may need life-saving care one day.


“This year’s Gala, themed Red and Gold, raised nearly $20,000 and the monies go to support such needs,” shared Michelle Olds, Foundation Director. “We sincerely appreciate the support from the community, volunteers and donors who generously contribute. Without your help, this would not be possible.”


For more information about The Mercy Foundation, please call 218-485-5586.


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