March 2014
Mercy highlights patient safety initiatives

As part of National Patient Safety Awareness Week in March, Mercy Hospital is illustrating its commitment to patient safety by highlighting the many patient safety initiatives currently being implemented at the hospital.


“We are always trying to make safety improvements for our patients and our staff,” said Donita Korpela, Director of Patient Care Services. “That’s why we participate in the Safety Roadmap initiatives developed by the Minnesota Hospital Association. These roadmaps outline the steps hospitals need to take in order to meet evidence-based safety standards.”


Mercy’s patient safety initiatives include:


Patient Safety Committee

A new committee begins meeting this month to coordinate safe patient care and promote a transparent safety culture. Its focus is to oversee implementation and advancement of evidence-based safety standards and practices at the facility.


The committee will include representatives from staff and management, as well as a physician champion and patient advisor.


Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) Safety Road Maps

MHA Safety Road Maps provide direction for hospitals to navigate evidence-based patient safety standards and practices in order to prevent adverse events from happening. Mercy is in the process of implementing the following MHA Safety Road Maps:


SAFETY Culture

Build a hospital culture of patient safety


Assess harm across all areas of hospital care


Prevent hospital acquired pressure ulcers

SAFE from Falls

Prevent falls and injury from falls


Prevent adverse drug events with medication safety practices


Prevent health care associated infections


Prevent wrong-site surgery and procedures

SAFE Count and Account

Eliminate retrained foreign objects following surgery and procedures

SAFE Transitions of Care

Reduce rates of readmissions

SAFE Patient Handling

Prevent injuries to staff and patients

Perinatal Safety

Reduce obstetrical adverse events and end early elective deliveries

CS Diversion Prevention

Prevent controlled substance drug diversion


“Working on these initiatives advances patient safety at our hospital,” said Korpela. “It’s the commitment of our staff to our patients’ safety that makes them happen.”


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