May 2013
Mercy welcomes oncologist to Cancer Outreach Clinic

Beginning May 2, Dr. Jonathan Sande, M.D., board certified hematologist/oncologist, Essentia Health Cancer Center, will resume seeing patients on a weekly basis at Mercy Hospital’s Cancer Outreach Clinic in the chemotherapy department. When Dr. Sande is not available, Courtney Senich, CNP, also of Essentia, will see patients in his absence.


“We are very pleased that our oncology patients can once again see Dr. Sande locally,” said Jason Douglas, Mercy CEO. “Receiving quality care close to home is important because it helps make the treatment process easier for our patients.”


Dr. Sande welcomes new referrals as well as follow-up appointments.


In addition to the Cancer Outreach Clinic, Mercy offers the following related services:


Chemotherapy and Infusion Services

Mercy’s chemotherapy and infusion services program offers personal, one-on-one care, something that is more difficult to provide at larger facilities. The nurses in this department are certified to deliver chemotherapy drugs as well as other drugs. The staff includes one oncology certified nurse and two chemotherapy certified nurses.

The chemotherapy staff has also received training from the MS Touch Prescribing Program to become an official infusion site for administration of Tysabri, a drug which is given to patients with multiple sclerosis. Other non-chemotherapy treatments include, but are not limited to, treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, anemia, infectious illness such as Lyme’s disease, and others.

Mercy’s chemotherapy area offers a comfortable, private and quiet setting for patients to receive their treatments as well as specialized care by the nurses. Patients can listen to music, watch a movie or simply rest during their treatments. The staff encourages family members or friends to accompany patients whenever possible.

Cancer, Coffee & Conversation - A Cancer Support Group

For those living with any type of cancer and for their caregivers, Mercy’s free Cancer Support Group meets from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month in Mercy’s Community Room 1.


The group offers a time to connect with others who are faced with the same challenges and emotions. Come share conversation, or just listen, and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends.


Mary Bothwell Memorial Library

Funded by The Mercy Foundation, the Mary Bothwell Memorial Library is the dream of a team of volunteers who have come together to create a local resource for those whose lives have been changed by the diagnosis of cancer. The library is housed in the Chemotherapy Department.


For more information

For more information about any of these services, please Call Mercy’s Chemotherapy Department at 218-485-5599.


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