May 2015
Mercy to offer shoe clinics for people with diabetes on May 5

The Diabetes Education Program at Mercy Hospital is sponsoring a Shoe Clinic in May in both Moose Lake and Hinckley.


“It is estimated that 25 percent of the 20 million Americans with diabetes will develop foot problems related to the disease,” said Allicen Waxlax, RN, BAN, CDE, Diabetes Educator at Mercy. “Taking care of your feet includes proper fitting shoes and inserts.” 


The Shoe Clinic will be offered by appointment:

  • Tuesday, May 5 at the Mercy Wellness Center, 30 Arrowhead Lane, Moose Lake
  • Tuesday, May 5 at Gateway Clinic - Hinckley


A Certified Pedorthist from Diabetic and Comfort Shoes in Duluth will be available for fittings by appointment that day. If you are interested in a fitting, please call 218-625-2095 to make an appointment. Please specify that you are interested in the Shoe Clinic sponsored by Mercy Hospital. A prescription from your physician is also necessary.


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