Planned Giving

It takes a noble man
to plant a seed for a tree
that will one day give rest
to people he will never meet.

                           –David Trueblood


Planned Giving at Mercy HospitalJerry and Mabelle Ridgway Ford, the handsome young couple in the photograph, met in Moose Lake, Minnesota, and began their married life there in the late 1930s. Then World War II prompted their move westward, to California, which became their new home. Though they left our small Minnesota town, part of their hearts remained. Unknown to anyone outside their immediate circle, they made plans to show their gratitude for all that the community meant to them.

When Mabelle Ridgway Ford followed her husband in death, the executor of their estate made a phone call that connected them with Moose Lake once again. The Ridgways had directed that a gift be made to Mercy Hospital in Moose Lake. They believed that a gift to the community’s hospital was the best way to make sure as many folks as possible would benefit from their gift.

The Mercy Foundation worked with the Fords’ family to bring their gift home. Today, anyone who finds rest and comfort in the Ford Family Waiting Room at Mercy Hospital is sharing in their gift.

In their own way, this noble man and woman planted a seed for a tree that now shelters people they would never know. It was a caring and deliberate act, and an outward-looking one—just what Planned Giving should be. We consider their gift an inspiration. We are hoping you might, too.

If you would like more information on Planned Giving, simply contact The Mercy Foundation via e-mail: or 218-485-5586.

We’re ready to help you plant the seed for your own tree.