Community Education at Mercy Hospital

Community Education


Nursing Assistant - 84 Hour Program
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This course focuses on initial preparation for functioning as a nursing assistant. Performance mastery on presented skills is emphasized.

This Nursing Assistant Course supports the belief that individuals have basic human needs and are moving on a health-illness continuum. It supports the belief that learning progresses from simple to complex and focuses on the student’s understanding of humans as individual beings.

Skills are taught in a simulated laboratory setting utilizing demonstration and role-playing. Upon successful completion of 60 hours of classroom studies, the student will participate in 24 hours of supervised clinical experience in a long-term care facility.

For information on course dates, contact Mercy’s Education Department at 218.485.5572 or 218.485.5618.


Education Center

Mercy’s Education Center is a state-of-the-art educational facility designed to enhance the learning opportunities of health care professionals as well as community members and organizations.

The Education Center features a large classroom with a seating capacity of 120, along with working models of an intensive care patient room and an emergency treatment room. An additional classroom is also available for smaller groups. The Education Center has teleconferencing capabilities, along with access to the local cable TV channel.



Employee Mandated Inservice

Mercy employees can complete computerized mandated inservices from home on their own time by clicking on this link: Employees will need to enter their learner ID and password to complete the lessons.

A reduced number of topics are now required and have been divided into quarterly sessions.

Call Mercy’s Education Department at 218.485.5572 or 218.485.5618 for more information.