Social Services

An integral part of our health care team, the Social Service Department serves our patients by making sure their medically related emotional and social needs are met and maintained throughout their medical treatment.

Social Workers work with physicians, nurses and other caregivers to assess a patient's needs and condition. The services they provide include patient advocacy, education and counseling.

Social Workers are available to counsel patients and family members to help them cope with illness and its impact on their lives.

They play a key role in assisting patients and family members with arrangements for any needed at-home services, outpatient rehab services, or services at another facility following a patient's discharge from the hospital. These services can include mental health services, in-home nursing care or in the case of a terminally ill patient, hospice care. Social services can also arrange or provide information on adaptive equipment or other community resources.

Social Workers also may help patients with advance directives and other
long-term care issues.